Fishing report

Fishing Report: October 21, 2022

Water Report Recommendations / Tips

A-1 Lake



A-1 Lake is accessible. Try powerbait natural scent trout bait, nightcrawlers for stocked rainbow trout. Try casting and retrieving lures like small spinners and spoons around lake. Try wet fly patterns. Boat launching area accessible. 

Black River



Special-Use Permit Required. Try nightcrawlers, small crankbaits, soft plastics near river structures and in pools. Pack-It-In/Pack-It-Out.

The Black River is accessible from White River confluence to Bonito Creek including Black River Crossing.

The Black River is closed from Bonito Creek upstream to the Reservation's western boundary including Ten of Diamonds and White Crossing until April 1st, 2023. 

Bog Tank Fair

Bog Tank is accessible. Try nightcrawlers or powerbait off bottom on north side of lake. Try casting & retrieving spinners or z-rays spoons off points around the lake. Day-Use Only. No Camping. 

Bootleg Lake  Fair Try jigs or topwater frog lures for largemouth bass near rock structures and weed beds around lake. Try stinkbait for channel catfish.
Christmas Tree Lake   Christmas Tree Lake Permit Required for Entry. Christmas Tree Lake reservations can be taken by calling (928)369-7669. Lures and artificial flies with single hook only. Limited to 20 anglers a day by reservation. Day-Use Only. No Camping. 
Cooley Lake  Fair Cooley Lake is accessible. Try nightcrawlers for trout. Try soft creature baits for largemouth bass later in day. Try nightcrawlers or stink bait for channel catfish. Help keep Cooley Lake clean, pack-it-in/pack-it-out.
Cyclone Lake    Call (928)338-4385 for Cyclone Rent-A-Lake Reservations and information.
Drift Fence Lake  Fair Drift Fence Lake is accessible. Try doughbaits like powerbait. Try nightcrawlers filled with air off the bottom. Try spinnerbaits or small crankbaits. Try wet flies. The Reservation Lake Store is closed.

Earl Park Lake

 Good Earl Park Lake is accessible. Try nightcrawlers or rainbow powerbait for rainbow trout. Try lures like mepps spinners or kastmaster spoons around lake or from boat. Boat launching area accessible. Hawley Lake Store is closed.

Hawley Lake

 Good Hawley Lake is accessible. Try baits like nightcrawler or powerbait glitter turbo bait off points or back in coves around lake either early or late in day. Try deeper water mid-day. Try spinners or spoons. Hawley Lake Store is closed. Boat ramps accessible    

Horseshoe Lake

 Fair Horseshoe Lake is accessible. Try nightcrawlers, powerbait trout bait twist or salmon eggs off points and in coves around lake. Try lures like panther martin spinners or z-ray spoons. Boat anglers try nightcrawlers or powerbait. The Horseshoe Lake Store is closed. 
Hurricane Lake   Call (928)338-4385 for Hurricane Rent-A-Lake Reservations and more info. Artifical flies and lures with single barbless hooks only. No bait including powerbait.
Pacheta Lake  Fair Pacheta Lake is Catch-and-Release. Artificial Lures and Flies only with single barbless hook. Pacheta Lake is accessible. Reservation Lake Store is Closed. Try wet flies, crayfish-pattern crankbaits, or spoons.
Reservation Lake  Good Reservation Lake is accessible. The Reservation Lake store is closed. Try Gulp! Trout bait or nightcrawlers from boat or shore. Try trolling spinners or small crankbaits. Try wet flies like  streamers.
Salt River  Fair A Special-Use Permit Is Required. Try night crawlers and jigs. Try stink bait for catfish. Help keep the land clean-It is your responsibility to pack out what you packed in. The Carrizo Store at US-60/AZ-73 highway junction is open to purchase permits. 

Shush Be Tou Lake

(Big Bear)

 Fair Big Bear Lake is accessible. Try nightcrawlers or gulp trout dough bait in cove where water comes into lake. Try acme phoebe spoons in silver finish and spinners in bright colors. Boat ramp accessible.  

Shush Be Zahze Lake

(Little Bear)

 Good Little Bear is accessible. Try nightcrawlers or salmon eggs on top, or orange powerbait off the bottom for stocked trout. Trout chasing lures like spoons and mepps spinners. Boat ramp accessible.

Sunrise Lake


Try nightcrawlers, power eggs, or orange salmon eggs. Try spoons like kastmasters or spinners like panther martins near weeds. Try earlier in day before winds pick up. No boat launching. The Sunrise Store is closed.
Streams Good Try nightcrawlers, spinners, and jigs in slower moving pools and in riffles. In lower elevation streams try nightcrawlers or jigs for smallmouth bass. 

Tonto Lake

(Tribal members only)


Tonto Lake is accessible. Try pink powerbait or nightcrawlers around lake. Try trolling small crawfish crankbaits or kastmasters. Tribal members can pick up annual fishing permits at Game & Fish Offices in Whiteriver & Hondah Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.


Daily bag limits for trout: 15 & older is 5 fish/day; 10-14 years old is 3 fish/day; 9 & younger is 2 fish/day. A valid White Mountain Apache Tribal Permit is required and must be carried at all times while fishing, boating, camping, sight-seeing and other outdoor recreation activities on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Permits can be obtained at an authorized permit vendor.  Firework possession and use is prohibited on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Visit our website: or call our office at (928)338-4385 for the latest fishing report.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in effect:

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in effect year-round on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. This means building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire, campfire, coal or wood burning stove, any type of charcoal fueled broiler or open fire of any type must occur within DEVELOPED areas, camp sites, fire pits, and residences, All use and types of fires are prohibited in UNDEVELOPED areas.